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Client's new book, The Quality Conversation, released 

Hello, Everyone – 

I'm delighted to announce the official release of my client Bob Davis' new book The Quality Conversation, which I edited and Rebecca Lang proofread, with graphic design by David Lynch of Lynch Graphics. Learn more here:

The Quality Conversation by Bob Davis

Do you have a need for proofreading or editing services? Contact me and I'll do a free consultation and provide a detailed project quote.

All the best,
Dave Turner



New: Proofreading services 

Hello, Everyone – 

Dave Turner Creative has formed a new partnership with expert proofreader Rebecca Lang

Here are her credentials, experience and specialties:

  • 10+ years teaching English to professional adults in Paris, France
  • BFA Degree; Minor in English Writing and Composition

Professional experience
  • Proofreading business self-help book by prominent call center consultant, trainer and coach
  • Proofreading experience in dissertations and speeches for French clients
  • Collaboration…
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Michael Libramento and Grace Potter 

I was delighted a few weeks ago and then the other night to see (and hear) my friend and fellow musician Michael Libramento on national television performing with Grace Potter on Conan O'Brien and then again on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show.

He deserves his success - he's one of the most talent people I know. You can hear his bass work also on my album "Could Have Talked All Night," which we recorded live in May 2007. This album is one of my proudest achievements, due in no small part to Michael, as well…Read more

The God Particle 

I know this doesn't have much to do with web design, copywriting or editing—but it does have something to do with everything, so I'm reposting here:

THE GOD PARTICLE: I read with great interest the story about yesterday's possible discovery of Higgs boson, or "the God particle." http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/07/god_particle_discovery_may_hel.html. However, in my reading I still can't grasp what the hell it means. I'm not smart enough. But I could relate to what Fabiola Gianotti, the Italian physicist…

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Set-your-own-price download sale ends today 

The set-your-own-price download sale of Dave Turner's eBook and audio book Billy Ray's Chevrolet and all three of his music albums (CALICARO, 11-23-10, Could Have Talked All Night and Stories That Are True) ends at 11:59pm today, June 26, 2012. So act now if you'd like to purchase any or all of these downloads at any price you choose. After the sale ends, prices return to $14.99 for the eBook and audio book, $14.99 for the double album CALICARO, and $9.99 for the other three albums.

Go to market with more horsepower (and other news) 

Dave Turner Creative eNews | June/July 2012 | www.daveturnercreative.com

New website launched: Go to market with more horsepower

Dave Turner Creative (formerly Copywriter Dave Turner) has launched a retooled, comprehensive website at www.daveturnercreative.com. See what's new about Dave and his clients, as well as additional new services including affordable website design.


Pay-what-you-want campaign aims to sell music, eBook and audio book

Dave Turner Music is now selling all music and…Read more

Ten Reasons To Hire a Freelance Copywriter 

Hi, again, Folks -

Here's an article I wrote in 2009 that I believe bears republishing.

By Dave Turner

It is wise to ask yourself whether or not hiring a freelance copywriter, business writer or editor is worth the investment.

Here are 10 reasons to bring in a professional:

1. Content is king.
The Internet has outmoded the old models of advertising, marketing and public relations. Websites, blogs, email and social media are central to marketing communication strategy today. Print has become less of…Read more

3-D animated gaming simulations - the next wave in training for contact centers 

My client Bob Davis, president of Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA), is on to something that I think is going to be big. Three-dimensional animated gaming simulations for training agents in customer contact centers. I worked with Bob today to get the word out about an article he wrote about the subject entitled How web-based 3-D animated gaming simulations lead to better performance, higher revenues in call centers. The article was published June 8 on the Contact Center Association's CCA InsiderRead more