New: Proofreading services

Hello, Everyone – 

Dave Turner Creative has formed a new partnership with expert proofreader Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang, proofreaderHere are her credentials, experience and specialties:

  • 10+ years teaching English to professional adults in Paris, France
  • BFA Degree; Minor in English Writing and Composition

Professional experience
  • Proofreading business self-help book by prominent call center consultant, trainer and coach
  • Proofreading experience in dissertations and speeches for French clients
  • Collaboration with French singer/songwriters on English lyrics
  • Short non-fiction piece published in major university's annual "Mockingbird"; 2nd Literary Award 

  • Non-fiction self-help/motivational books
  • Novel fiction
  • Children's literature
  • Copy for print ads, annual reports, marketing collateral and online content

If you have work that needs proofreading, please contact us by return email or call 828-713-9206 to discuss your project, and we'll prepare a detailed project quote.

All the best,
– Dave

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