Client and Colleague Testimonials

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Robert C. Davis and Associates, Alpharetta, GA
"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dave for over four years. His ability to understand quickly and to capture the essence of a written communication is nothing short of remarkable. He is always professional and keeps his deadlines and commitments. The quality of his work is second to none. Dave is a joy to work with." Bob Davis, President

Lynch Graphics, Inc., Asheville, NC
"I've collaborated with Dave to create marketing materials for various clients. Dave has a special skill in transforming dry technical material into exciting promotional copy. Dave is a great communicator - collaborating with him is both fun and productive. Dave is great at seeing the big picture, coming up with 'outside the box' solutions to best benefit any given project. Dave's creativity and vision result in superlative copywriting!" David Lynch, President

Delkote, Inc., Asheville, NC
"Dave communicates with exceptional quality. Promises were clear throughout the project. The deliverables were timely and thorough. The true joy in working with Dave is his flexibility to match our level of involvement in the creative process and ultimately deliver the best service possible." Brett McCall, Marketing Director

CHART Publishing, Wichita, KS
"Dave is my go-to guy. Anytime I have a difficult project come up, I always send it straight to Dave because I know he'll do it right. He's a solid writer I can really depend on." Nick Pena, Production Manager

Asheville Area Arts Council, Asheville, NC
"Dave was able to take a very complicated message and reduce it to a compelling, simple, persuasive statement of need for our direct mail fundraising campaign. We raised more money than in any other fund drive to date." Steve Steinert, President and CEO

MGM Communications, Asheville, NC
"I’ve worked with Dave Turner on projects since 2003. He is a brilliant copywriter, editor and strategic thinker who gets it right the first time. And the projects we have collaborated on have generated remarkable results for my clients. Looking for a world-class wordsmith? You've found one." Gary Pipta, Owner and Art Director

Montse Cottingham Graphic Design, Atlanta, GA
"Over the years, Dave has become one of my favorite copywriters. His high standards are a constant assurance that the job will be done right every time. I like his work. I like his ethics. His rates are competitive. And I look forward to many more years of collaboration." Montse Cottingham, Creative Director

Total Access Speakers Bureau and Lecture Agents, Asheville, NC
"Putting our web site together was a major process. What Dave Turner brought to the table for us was complete capability to copyedit our entire site of over 400 pages. Under a deadline, he came through for us, completing the job not only in time for our launch but his work was flawless." Marta Flynn, President

Mission St. Joseph's Health System, Asheville, NC
"Our health system worked with Dave and other writers to write the content for our web site. Dave clearly understood our needs, worked well interviewing our busy professionals, and was successful in conveying relatively complex medical information in language our average patient could understand." Shonnie Lavender, Marketing Coordinator

Kukovich and Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
"Dave is quite simply one of the most versatile, well-balanced, easy-going and professional individuals with whom I've worked during the last 18 years as a consultant specializing in higher education marketing and public relations. Quiet, methodic and deliberate in achieving his targeted goals, he is a conscientious steward of his clients' interests." Mary Kukovich, President

Indigo Design, Asheville, NC

"I work with Dave because his writing is clever and concise, and I appreciate his style and professionalism. I know with certainty that the copy he writes and edits for me will be smooth, easy to read and most importantly, effective for my clients." Sheri Lalumondier, Partner

bClip Productions, New Orleans, LA, and Asheville, NC
"Dave Turner has become a vital partner in our video production business. We market his services as part of a complete solution in developing a professional and effective script for our clients. I highly recommend him." Alfred Berlin, President

Cox Publishing Solutions
Atlanta, GA

"I don't have time to worry when I assign articles to writers, and that is what makes me return to Dave time and time again. I know when I assign him an article that he is going to do a great job. I find that a comfort during a busy day." Elizabeth Anne Sprouse, Editor

Alice Web Design
Asheville, NC

"Dave's a pro. He's focused, meticulous, prompt and easy to work with. I love what he did for my web site!" Suzi Katz, Owner